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Scout Creative is a Perth, Western Australia-based graphic design business, specialising in creative solutions to design, branding and communication conundrums, logos, presentations, advertising, marketing, brochures and magazines, packaging, displays, web and corporate image makeovers.

With attention to detail, budgets and deadlines, Scout Creative is a team that values business outcomes ahead of artistic temperament.

Scout Creative proves that design is an investment, not an expense, and that design has the power to generate a substantial return on your investment.

Our work

How we think

Our slogan is: Forward Thinking // Exceeding Expectations.

Our aim is to offer creative answers to design and image conundrums. Logos, presentations, marketing glossies and brochures, web design and corporate image makeovers delivered with attention to detail, budgets and deadlines. We are a team that values business outcomes ahead of artistic temperament.

So what can we do for you? It’s all about your image, your brand, your product, your idea. We’re here to help you push whatever it is you’ve got, build on it, fix it if it’s broke, make it work harder for you, and ultimately put more dollars in your bank account.

It’s a lot of work running a business. You know that, and boy, do we know that. And we can’t all be experts in every field, or know all the angles. The image you portray as a company is part and parcel of the service you give. It’s human nature to judge a book by its cover, even though we can be mistaken when we jump to conclusions.

So why take the risk of giving the wrong impression by giving the wrong impression?

Would you like to:

   have a project that exceeds forecast sales targets?

   generate greater consumer loyalty?

   change customer perceptions?

   build market share?

   improve profitability?

   blow the socks off the competition?

It's our job to prove that design is an investment and not an expense, that design has the power to generate substantial returns on investment.

At Scout our primary product is ideas.

Like all service organisations our charges are based on the time we invest in a project. Project costs vary depending on our clients’ needs and budgets. We always provide a detailed proposal and estimate for approval before starting. We adhere to our estimates unless project specifications change.

Our projects generally progress in three distinct parts:

Investigational time

This is the time we spend gathering information, conducting background research, looking at any competitors offerings and ensuring we have all the materials we will need to progress to the next stage.

Conceptual time

Now we spend time on creative thinking, searching for solutions and design ideas.

Executional time

Finally, we work out the exact details of the project, the ‘nitty-gritty’, and prepare artwork and whatever else is required to produce the project deliverables.

Despite popular misconceptions, good creative work doesn’t often come in a flash of inspiration; usually it comes from lots of trial and error. We usually consider several approaches (concepts), work them through, and try them out. Then we revise them.

Our rough concepts can consist of hand-drawn sketches, or more finished computerised drawings presented as printouts or as PDF files. For magazines and brochures, we will generally submit designs of individual pages or spreads. They are adequate to convey what we believe is the best approach to take, taking into consideration the client’s budget, schedule, objectives, and preferences. On the other hand, they are not so well-developed as to have wasted time and effort if we need a course correction. After presentation, we ask for comments. The more objective and specific the client can be, the better we will be able to respond. Comments are our input for revising the rough concepts into a more finished one, which we present at the next stage. From the input at this second presentation meeting, further minor refinements are made as necessary. We also finalise the production timetable, and the scheduling of any additional services (such as photography or illustration).

Once the work is complete and to your satisfaction we send the project to production and shortly thereafter you will take delivery.

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Download our portfolio or some of our fact sheets as PDF files.


Here's just some of the businesses and organisations that we've worked with over the years. We even created some of these logos.

Fremantle Dockers Football Club logo
CUB logo
Metso logo
WARI logo
aaNet logo
City of Stirling logo
Bugs Life logo
Therapy Focus logo
Compass logo
Mediterranean Woodfired Ovens logo
Cercon logo
Treasury Wine Estates logo
Customer Speak logo
Arrix logo
Living Farm logo
HWE Leighton logo
Just Chicken logo
Safe4Kids logo
FastWater Adventures logo
Vanguard Solutions logo
Phoenix Environmental Sciences logo
Perth Male Voice Choir logo
Sunday Times logo
Rey Resources logo
ISH24 logo
JD Rigging logo
Airey Dental logo
HasRoc logo
Peninsula Tea Gardens logo
identityWA logo
Samson Maritime logo
Chalice Bridge logo
Regents Garden logo
Yates logo
Mossa Mod logo
Storm Front logo
City of Fremantle logo
DTE Group logo
Equestrienne logo
Z-Filter logo
Brookfield logo
Coakes Consulting logo
City of Armadale logo
McMullen Nolan logo
Vivian's Residential logo
Forty Seven logo
Australian Mine Services logo

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